Equal healthcare for women at WVU

Currently it is the policy of the WVU Student Health Center to make appointments for a women's annual Pap exams only 1 day in advance. This system does not serve the female students at WVU. Calling every day to try and get an appointment places undue stress and is unacceptable. Based on the numbers from the 2010 WVU Strategic Plan, and assuming ½ of the student population will be female, 15,000 women will need Pap exams every year at WVU. That means that over 60 female WVU students per DAY would need exams. Clearly a day by day appointment schedule is inadequate. We all know that Pap exams are essential at detecting pre-cancerous conditions. When detected it is 100% treatable. Left undetected it can lead to a slow growing cervical cancer. Most women that are diagnosed with cervical cancer today have not had regular Pap smears or they have not followed up on abnormal results. If you are concerned about female student healthcare at WVU please sign this petition and send a message to President Garrison that we will not tolerate this inadequate and unjust treatment.


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    Lara Hedrick, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I am a PHD student who lives off campus near field research sites. I only come onto campus a few times a month. The system does not work for me and I have delayed my exams sue to this - please change the policy.
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    Kelley Gannon, United States

    7 years ago Comments: This practice of calling the day before for an annual gynecology appointment is absolutely horrendous. As a medical student, I cannot possibly make an appointment the day before and expect to be excused from a day of my clerkship in the hospital for it. My day also tends to start WELL before 8:30 or 9:30am, so calling student health for an appointment at that exact moment is not an option. By that time, I am already either in a surgery or seeing patients in the hospital. There must be better access to women's healthcare at WVU. It is of paramount importance that women receive a pap test. Please, WVU, stop ignoring the needs of adult women on campus. We are mature and responsible enough to make and keep a doctor's appointment, especially when our reproductive health is on the line. We are adults who care about our physical health and well being.
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    Kara Kwiatkowski, United States

    7 years ago Comments: The current system is extremely frustrating and inconvenient. Women's care should be encouraged andmade more easily attainable. In our busy school lives it's easy to neglect health.
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