WVU SON Summer 2013 Tuition Increase

Petition We, the undersigned, protest the significant and unconscionable summer tuition increase for the West Virginia University School of Nursing. The newly published 2013 summer tuition for out-of-state students enrolled in the West Virginia University Nursing School is increasing from $2,932.00 (summer tuition rate in 2012) to $11,611.00; this constitutes a nearly three-hundred percent increase over last year’s summer tuition rate. Students planning to continue their education at the West Virginia University School of Nursing are faced with the nearly impossible task of securing $8,679.00 in less than two weeks. Additionally, the in-state tuition rate for residents of West Virginia is increasing from $1,481.00 to $4,096.00. This increase nears one-hundred and eighty percent over last year’s summer tuition rate. This shocking proposal compounds students’ financial difficulties because the increased costs for attendance are not covered by federal financial aid While we appreciate the quality of education we receive at the West Virginia University School of Nursing, this increase constitutes an undue economic hardship for many enrolled students. As supporters of this petition, we implore the School of Nursing’s administration to reconsider the unreasonable and excessive increase in tuition for this upcoming summer.


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    Trisha Stolfi, United States

    2 years ago Comments: This is an absolutely unacceptable increase for all the students enrolled in this program! And, it comes at a time when their focus should be on learning all they can and not on whether WVU is attempting to use them due to a shortage in the school's budget. As a parent who has seen 2 children through undergraduate programs at WVU as well as Syracuse University, I have experience in the financial burdens these students face. But I have never known an institution to be so underhanded in attempting to extract unwarranted additional funds from a group of hardworking students. I am extremely disappointed in WVU...YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!! Clearly it is obvious the caliber of students you are dealing with as is apparent in their professional handling of this situation. They've been taught to be ethical and that is exactly what they are displaying...try it! Trisha Stolfi
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    Daniel Stolfi, United States

    2 years ago Comments: As a parent it is apparent that the communication between the different levels of administration is sorely lacking. Notification of the increase to the students was practically non existent and "quiet." Besides, how can you increase the tuition so dramatically. Your per credit cost is now higher than private schools. Really!? As an alumni, as well as my son and daughter-in-law, it truly grieves me to see such ineptitude in the administration in all facets of this situation. Bring the tuition back to the original amount since this is still in the "old" school buget term.
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    Don Thompson, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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