Bring back the Azerothian Night.

Back in the early days of the World of Warcraft, night time was just that. It was dark.

Some time later, the developers (for whatever reason, be it making it more "accessible" to be played at any time for example), removed the night time.

Oh sure, some areas still look slightly different at night but that's still part of the problem. Night time in WoW should be dark. We shouldn't have to look at the ground and go "It's like midday! Look how bright it is!" only to look up at a slightly dark sky with no sun.

Whatever the reason for the change, I, and a lot of others like me, enjoyed the darkening of the landscape and cities. It's not right to have them just as bright at night as they are in the daytime.

Nothing breaks immersion in a video game more than bad lighting. It's not just bad, it's obvious.

So let's let the developers know, shall we?



  • Anonymous The way it has to be. It just kill the immersion when the environment reflects light that just isn't there, as if it was glowing/emitting light itself. You immediately notice it at night and the game suddenly feels... cheap?

  • Jarred Bring back darker nights!


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