Should Women Be Allowed To Become Catholic Priests

It\'s time the Catholic Church joined the new millenium. Their current discrimination practices have got to stop. There is a marked decline in available clergy, not only in the Catholic Church but many religious institutions. Young people are just not \"hearing the call\" as they used to. Or maybe it\'s because there\'s just less young people who have a spiritual leaning. Whatever the case, having less restictions on the present and future clergy my reawaken the inclination to serve.


Women everywhere who just want an equal chance to serve their community.


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    margo, United States

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    Debbie Michael, South Africa

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    Heidi Haas, Switzerland

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    Comments: The Bible is more than 2000 years old. Parts of it encourage slavery, violence, marriage to more than one woman etc. In our modern day and through developing the Christian church many of these things have been accepted as outdated, yet the Church resits giving women a chance. Tradition alone cannot be a reason for traditions must be questioned constantly and examined to still be valuable. Leave tradition aside and tell us, why you think women cannot be priests. Some of you might suggest, that women were made to bear children and have families and a priest must remain without children and wife/husband. To you I say, are men not equally made to produce children? Should it not be up to the person themselves to decide, whether they can live without a family or not? Several nuns have managed lives free from having their own families, for centuries, so why would you think women cannot choose to do so? Others of you may say that Jesus chose only men to be his apostles. This is accurate, however, he did teach Mary and Martha, and it seems to me that that alone would be reason enough to give women the right to be taught as priests. To the owmen out there, bothered by the current situation: Don't be afraid to fight, don't just think it does not affect you, it does. Not accepting women as priests is disrespectful to all of you!
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