Women Always Complaining About Men Paying Child Support

I\'m tired of these \"dead-beat moms\" that spread their legs to a man, without using any form of contraception, and then taking the men to court for child support. It\'s time women accept responsibilty for their own neglagences, and either raise the child themselves, or get an abortion if they are not prepared to raise the child themselves.


This petition was made just to see how many people agree.


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    Tracy, United States

    5 years ago State: South Carolina
    Country: United States
    Comments: I totally agree! If a man tells you that he does not want to be a father to the child that you are carrying and you use the "Its my body, I can do what I want" theory then you need to be prepared to take care of that child completely, both physically, and FINANCIALLY!! If you can make the decision to have a child with out help, then you can support the child without help!!! I have a child of my own, and I DO NOT expect a dime from the father. He warned me that he did not want to be part of her life, and I chose to have her THUS making her my responsibility. These men would like to have families of their own. How are they supposed to support them if some woman decided she was mature enough to make the decision to have a child, but not mature enough to support that child? Something needs to be done to change the laws. If anyone figures out how, I am more then willing to sign up for the effort.
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    Joanne white, Canada

    6 years ago Country: CA
    Comments: It is disgusting that a step father who helped raise a child that wasnt bis can go to court and pay suport to a women who will never take the original father for support. This has to stop. women are taking advantage of this. This man pays hs own 2 children. why pay for another mans chld.>These laws have to change. Men have no support in the court system.
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    william mariona, United States

    7 years ago State: NV
    Country: US
    Comments: It is terrible to know that you can take care of your child with the amount of money you make and still live well because I would make it work. Yet women will use it as a crutch to milk men for money, out of revenge. As the judicial system looks at women as victims as they play everyone as fools. Not to say that there is not no ligitimate claims.
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