More Testing for the West Nile Virus Vaccine

Fort Dodge Animal Health Laboratories, a division of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals was given a full license to produce a vaccine to help prevent the West Nile Virus from infecting horses by the USDA in February of 2003. Since the administration of this vaccine to these animals there have been reported cases of adverse effects in mares and their unborn foals that have been vaccinated with the West Nile Virus Vaccine. It is believed that this company did not do adequate testing on pregnant mares before releasing this vaccine. The company and USDA denies these allegations, dismissing them due to the fact that not enough reports have been made by vetrinarians and vaccine consumers, however alleged reports continue to grow. Since the administration of this vaccine there have been numerous reports of abnormalities and deformations in foals, as well as some of the mare\'s not carrying the foal full gestational period. If the vaccine is indeed responsible an uncountable amount of horses may be at risk, including the unborn offspring that would have been born normally without the vaccination. We therefore request the Fort Dodge division of the Wyeth Pharmaceuticals to stop production of the vaccine and do further testing until the vaccine could be proven to be adequately safe to all horses. While we recognize that the vaccine was cleared by the USDA, we feel that it is a possibility that the testing in pregnant mares might have been overlooked, and feel that this sort of testing needs to be done for the betterment of the Equine species. Furthermore we recognize that the West Nile Virus is a deadly disease and does need a form of vaccination, however we feel that this vaccination should be \"proven\" safe before being released for administration.


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