Warwick Medical School Prayer Room

Firstly, this is not a petition per se, as a petition often comes with negative conotations. Whilst working with the various parties at Warwick University to set up a much needed prayer room on Gibbet Hill, we have found everyone to be very helpful and all conversations have been cordial, encouraging and supportive. This is being done via an online petition form simply because most of us are not in Warwick University at the moment with it being summer holidays. Anyway, by signing this we are strongly hoping that the many years of difficulty of prayers being offered by members of multiple backgrounds on Gibbet Hill may be eased. Many of us have to pray 5 times a day, and this has often been done under stair cases due to the lack of time to travel to main campus, and more pertinently, the availability of a prayer room. We very much hope that a permanent prayer room, available to students and staff from all different backgrounds and religions, can be set up by this September (2008). We thank you very much for reading this.


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    Ghumra, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: BY going to the main prayer room on campus, or spending many minutes looking for a vacant room in the medschool, i often miss some of the lecture; thus, having a purpose built prayer room in the med school is about equal access to education for everyone and not simply granting certain groups special privelages.
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    Irfan, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: 2nd year med student
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    Fraz, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: I concur that some form of facilities are needed for the small community of us at the med school. However this isn't just about the medics, I'm sure there are people in the biosciences who would also benefit. It can be quite arkward having to explain to the questioning eyes as to why we got our shoes off and are all huddled beneath the stairs...equally difficult to explain why we have our feet stuck in the sinks...some privacy and less ignorance would be very much wlecome! Further more it needn't be a "Muslim" prayer room. Any space set aside for non demoninational "reflection" would be an excellent start.
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