Getting back dodgeball on Fridays.

This is not a suggestion. It is a request from all of the Williams Middle School Student Body to get dodge ball back on Fridays. This is the only think we look forward to out of the whole week at school, and taking it away would be like crushing all of our hopes and tell me, would you like to make this a fun environment to play sports and activities, or would you like to make it a communist organization where you write somebody up for lifting a finger. Just think about it... Sincerely, WMS Student Body


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    David Ecklein, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Windham seventh-grade twin brothers, Michael & Matthew Senibaldi, have taken it upon themselves to set up a petition to urge reinstatement of dodge ball in their school system. This wildly popular petition is taking on national proportions. Consider signing these kids' petition at - this is one that, maybe just because it is not so earthshaking, has a good chance of being influential. And maybe putting dodge ball on the map. Note that dodge ball as played in Windham (and many other places) uses nerf balls - so it poses even less hazard than the harder ones we may have been familiar with in those truly ancient times when we roamed the earth in search of a little enjoyment in the gym. We knew it wasn't a very serious sport; that was part of its charm. It was the only one I was any good at. I fondly remember dodge ball from my 1940s-50s elementary school days in Iowa. It was a wonderful sport which gave even non-athletic kids like myself a chance for exuberant exercise. There is a refreshing absence of complex rules, so everyone can understand what is going on. I do not ever remember any "bullying" in this sport, unlike in many others. It is not a contact sport like the much more problematic US version football. It is even safer than baseball. It is played all over the world. In Germany, it is called "Völkerball" for "people's ball" because it is so popular, simple, and so much fun. The Windham NH school board should restudy the matter and reconsider their decision. And then other school boards may take note.
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    imadoosh, United States

    4 years ago Comments: I <3 BIG BLACK PENIS.
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    if you read this you officially suck cock. ;D, United States

    4 years ago Comments: IMMAWEINER
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