Will Rap 4 Weed

"Will Rap 4 Weed" stands for the legalization of Medicinal Marijuana in Texas. This petition is to show Legislators, Judges, and our Governor how much support Texans have towards giving rights to patients to have their medication with a doctor's recommendation without criminal penalty. This movement is to better our society and educate people that may be self medicating with marijuana without a physicians supervision. Once correctly categorized as patients and not recreational users then the problem that has been masked can be revealed and addressed. This petition is to empower sick people who have been treated as criminals just for trying to be well and function on a daily basis. This petition is to provide relief to the suffering, sick, and many dying from physical and psychological ailments. Once the government regulates this natural herbal medicine then a patient will be safer when purchasing their medicine. Safer from crime rings, poisons, imprisonment, and most of all will experience a safer way to reduce pain and nausea, induce appetite, balance chemistry, etc. This petition stands for the many able minded and bodied Americans that have been thrown away by the system for trying to be well. This is for the productive people in society who medicate in secret so they can function and keep their families fed. This petition doesn't just apply to patients of marijuana but also for those who sympathize with the needs of the sick and don't believe it's fair to imprison sick people who are trying to be well. There's proof about how harmful pharmaceuticals are in comparison to the side effects of medical marijuana but the pharmaceuticals are perfectly legal. If people can legally purchase these dangerous medications without penalty then the people should have the option to ingest a much more researched and milder medication, the plant Marijuana.












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