The Coalition For Justice For William Keith Jeffries

P E T I T I O N We, the undersigned are The Coalition for Justice for William Keith Jeffries. Our Mission is sincere and exerted with truthful intent to obtain justice and prosecution for 18-year-old William Keith Jeffries; murdered January 27, 2002 in Seattle, WA. The Coalition seeks truth in the battle for justice. We, the undersigned, are legal aged citizens of the City of Seattle and/or the State of Washington and/or the United States of America. We, the undersigned, are community advocates in the quest for justice and equality. We, the undersigned, hereby affirm that we completely support the plea for impartiality for the murder and/or wrongful death of William Keith Jeffries. In support of this effort, The Coalition recognizes and acknowledges the following:


My youngest son, William age 18, was murdered in Seattle, Washington on January 27, 2002 while attending a return to college party. I am desperately seeking assistance to bring the killer before the court to answer for this crime. I was shocked to learn that the King County Prosecutor declined to prosecute the murderer. My son was unarmed and had his back to the killer when he was shot at least three times in the back. The killer claims self defense. The facts belie that claim. The Prosecutor clearly has a prima facie case of murder; therefore he should bring the killer to trial and let the killer raise the self-defense issue. Then the Jury can decide if it is self-defense. The Coalition for Justice for William Keith Jeffries was created because no one seemed to care if a young black unarmed college student is murdered. This group hopefully will form a life-link between family, friends, and community advocates. We need the support of official political, legal and religious organizations, to help persuade the King County Prosecutor to bring this killer to trial and let the jury decide if the killer was acting in self-defense. With pictures, medical reports, witness statements and other evidence as our proof, it is the purpose of the Coalition for Justice for William Keith Jeffries to prove that he was shot 3 times from the rear. We need your support. Based upon the lack of concern and urgency, The Coalition has determined that the King County Prosecutor and/or the Seattle Police Department is covering up this murder based upon their version of


J.Bennett, Reporter Seattle Post Intelligencer The Seattle Times Elizabeth Goldsmith Rev. Harriett Walden Mothers for Police Accountability and the Greater Good Foundation


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    Vanessa witt, United States

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    Tasha Hughes, United States

    10 years ago State: NC
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    Comments: William was my beloved cousin. There are not enough words in the english language to describe the pain I felt upon hearing the news that he was so brutally taken from us. I was pained even more to hear that his killer claimed "self-defense" as his reason for taking his life. I knew my cousin well. There was not a vicious bone in his body. He did not deserve to suffer the way he did the night he died. If his killer had claimed cowardice, hurt pride, or even insanity as his reason for taking my cousin's life, then and only then could I begin to see that it is possible that my pain could subside; These are the only conditions that I could see as being true to why my cousin no longer lives today. But to take him away and lie about his character when he is no longer around to defend himself cuts too deep into my soul. The killer has had his sick satisfaction. It is time he pays the price for this. We want Justice for William. NOW.
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