Highway #1 Bypass around the City of Regina: Why Tower Road?

Insufficient weight has been given to valid concerns raised in regards to the location of the east Regina / Highway #1 Bypass that will impact taxpayers and everyone using the #1 Highway.

The City of Regina residential developments are currently located just ¼ mile from the proposed bypass location, which is within City limits. The Gravel Pit Road location will be a longer-term solution, allowing 25-50 years of City growth.

Serious safety concerns exist with respect to the proposed Tower Road location. Concerns include the height of the overpass and the potential for icing and freezing during the winter months, as well as the overpass intersecting railway tracks, high voltage power lines, and the risks associated with the more complex bridge structure.

As well, serious safety issues exist regarding the Diverging Diamond Interchange planned for Pilot Butte.

The cost expenditures for this significant project would be lowered if the Gravel Pit Road location is chosen as the land will be agricultural as opposed to purchasing land owned by the City of Regina. About 250 acres of high priced commercial land will be taken up for the bypass resulting in huge revenue generating losses.

Cost expenditures for the complex bridge structure will be significantly greater if the bypass is located 400 meters east of Tower Road than if it were located at Gravel Pit Road, or even at Tower Road.

We respectfully request that the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan cause a halt to the next phase of this project and have the Ministry of Highways conduct further study and open consultation to reconsider the proposed bypass location of Tower Road to Gravel Pit Road instead.

Four Reasons to Support this Change:

1. Location

2. Safety

3. Cost

4. Government Spending

For more information about the Pilot Butte interchange option view this DDI video:


This video shows the detailed description of the travel paths for various movements through the Diverging Diamond. It would be a first in Canada. This is the one that the Steering Committee liked best.

There is a lack of transparency in the information that the government has shared with the public, they’ve been withholding the details for the bypass despite repeated requests for more information. Why would the government charge an outlandish amount for documents that have been paid for by taxpayers already? What information are they attempting to hide?

For more information visit: http://www.taxpayer.com/blog/regina-bypass-bypassing-transparency-


  • Joan Hansen I agree wholeheartedly with this. I have been trying to figure out how to comment on this situation, so this is great. I only hope it will be listened to. Tower Road is WAY too close to the present construction of the city. It will not be a bypass at all. It needs to go further east. I presently use Tower Road as a bypass, but as an official bypass, it will be swallowed up by the city in no time at all. Very costly venture for us all when we have to do it all over again in a few short years.

  • Don Gourlay I believe the Tower Road proposal is completely unacceptable. Current housing construction is already very close to Tower Road. I do not, however, agree with the proposal to move it to Gravel Pit Road. In my opinion, the entire proposal is to allow Highway #1 traffic to avoid the entire "high collision corridor" east of Regina. A more logical location would be to have the new "bypass" reconnect with Highway #1 east of Balgonie.

    It is a mystery to me why the Minister of Highways would plan for the new "bypass" to intersect with Highway #6 south several kilometers south of Regina but is planning to use Tower Road on the East side of Regina. I can only guess this must be for the benefit of one or more parties that have not been identified.

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