Following on from an unofficial petition on the ebay Australia round table forum http://forums.ebay.com.au/thread.jspathreadID=500084063&tstart=0&mod=1213267278558. There were requests to set up a more formal petition for more people to access. Here you can sign, free from ebay's interference. Please show your support for the ebay Australia community! This was the opening post from the forum mentioned above: I officially request that Simon Smith and Alastair MacGibbon tender their resignations from eBay on 17th June or any time before that date when the ACCC rejects their application for immunity from the trade practises act. This request is made on the basis that the two eBay executives have attempted to mislead the Australian eBay public with their PayPal safety policy which was only a transparent cash grab for eBay Inc. Siouxsziey


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    judy, Australia

    7 years ago Comments: Ebay is allowing blackmail!!!!!!!!
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    Jenny Williams, Australia

    7 years ago Comments: Having just watched my sales plummet 30% in the spate of 6 weeks....along with many other sellers, all I can say is Good Riddance to the eBay cronies who allowed this to happen to a once respected auction platform. You deserve what is coming to you, and I doubt that it will be a Golden Handshake.....more like a two-finger salute from the many, many sellers and buyers whose lives you have set upon ruining. Hopefully we will survive, but more than this, hopefully you will not. The policy changes you have implemented (or tried to) have caused buyers to turn against sellers, and more-so, sellers to turn against sellers as we all fight to survive. SHAME ON YOU BOTH for having the arrogance to think you could tell us what payment options were safer, when we have had the experience to know and be able to work out for ourselves which payment options we were most comfortable with. Having transacted 20000 times with buyers, the number of problems I have had with any other payment method other than PayPal is 0%. Any problem I have had has been through PayPal which has ended up in me losing out financially although I have done everything required of me as a seller. Where do you get your information from to state that there is a problem in 1 in every 4 transactions that are not PayPal transactions, certainly not from me. I live in hope for every seller and buyer that the damage that has been caused to the reputation of eBay can be restored to what it was, so we can continue to operate our businesses as successfully as we were doing before this absolute FIASCO began. Long live DEMOCRACY that is part of the Australian way of life.
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    gralbow, Australia

    7 years ago Do you agree with the aim of this petition: 01
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