Say No to Disabled Father Discrimination.

Father's with Disabilities are just as able to be father's as are any father's. It is the Stigma one faces from the Community or the Society that we find particularily nightmarish. I refuse to let the State or other people make Ad Hominem remarks against my person, such as slander in the form of "Mr. Poulson, You have been draggin' your feet, so you can't be a father to your daughter." This remark is not person's first, but is a bias, and a hateful ugly law, and is bashing to my civil rights. As a father with a disability, I have been there for my daughter physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually. I provided for her needs, both by getting food at food banks, taking her to Church, to other places in town, and getting her home safely. She has come with me on Laundry trips, and other trips. The State told me that I am messed up and I need to do a treatment plan. I am not on drugs. The State is using that as a tool of Ad Hominem attack and fuels their hate agenda towards me, and has not allowed me any integrity. I went to do a "treatment plan" they told me to "leave the hospital" or I would be arrested, there by violating the Title II of the ADA. I was segregated and excluded from the necessary help and Court order I was given. The State and the Court have conflicting interests in the regard or manner of communication they have been making with me. Who suffers? My daughter does. The State has denied me visits, even when I have been available, and of sound mind. I have taken psychology tests, I am not seen as a threat to myself or others, and I am sick of the bias. I am a silly bicycle mechanic and a musician. I want these Ugly laws to end. The State needs nothing from me, other than, to appeal to the Supreme Court level. The ACLU and the ADA both are sick of these attacks on Father's, so I am forming a Class Action Lawsuit. Who is with me?


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    Jason, United States

    4 years ago Comments: The State Of Montana, needs to really reprimand their shit
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    Malinda Bown Lunt (mindy), United States

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    Doug B, United States

    4 years ago Comments: I would never let them treat me this way.
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