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In 2002, the BC government introduced new welfare policies that significantly reduced income assistance rates and increased the barriers to getting assistance. These changes have led to suffering and hardship for those in need. Please join us in pressing the provincial government to: 1. Raise the welfare rates by 50% and index them to inflation. 2. Remove the arbitrary barriers to accessing welfare. 3. Let all people on welfare keep at least $500/month of their earnings. 4. Raise the minimum wage to $10/hour and abolish the $6 training wage. Real letters (the kind that are written in a person\'s own words and sent through the regular mail) are accorded far more respect than form letters (let alone petitions). Yes, the effort it takes is far larger. But so is the potential for making an actual difference. Please write to: Hon. Carole Taylor, Minster of Finance, Room 153 Parliament Buildings Victoria, BC V8V 1X4 Phone: 250 387-3751 Email: carole.taylor.mla@leg.bc.ca If you also sign the petition, the Raise the Rates Campaign will add your name to our list of supporters, which we will present to the appropriate cabinet members before the next provincial budget. Once you click \'Sign\', a webpage will appear confirming that your signature has been registered and also asking for donations for iPetition, the online petition service that is hosting our petition for free. This request does not come from the Raise the Rates campaign and your signature will be counted whether you choose to donate or not. Thank you for your time.


Raise the Rates Campaign - http://www.raisetherates.org/


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    Charmeyn, Canada

    5 years ago Comments: we also need to put a stop to landlords being allowed to raise rents every year at a percentage based on our present rent, because this means each rent increase we get is more each time we get one; and landlords should be made to show a reason for their rent increases and made accountable if they do not put the money they make from these increases towards improving their properties from the inside , like they did back when we had the Rentalsman; I don't want my rent increase to be only be used to beautify the outside of their building with pretty landscaping, as that would be equated to me putting down topsoil in my livingroom and planting grass so I can mow my carpet
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    kate sugden, Canada

    6 years ago
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    7 years ago Comments: I am not interested in Carole Taylor, but interest in those that make the decisions that affect person on Welfare. Nothing happens here in BC, I've watched this case go on for 9 years, and nothing has changed except for a $50.00 increase in 2007. ARE PEOPLE POWERLESS TO BRING ABOUT INCREASES TO WELFARE RECIPIENTS. WHY IS NO ONE STANDING UP TO GORDON CAMPBELL AND RICH COLEMAN AND DEMANDING CHANGES. PETITIONS DON'T WORK, DEMAND IT FORCE THEM TO CHANGE IF NECESSARY, BUT DO TAKE ACTION. EVERYONE KEEPS TALKING ABOUT IT. ARE YOU POWERFUL OR POWERLESS
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