Weakley County TN. Animal Control

 Severely Needed Animal Ordinances, Animal Control Officers and an Animal Shelter for Weakley County Tennessee. I have submitted a plan for this issue that does not effect the County Budget and if the animal issue is not soon addressed it is rapidly approaching the time that the County can no longer not address this issue and when let go to that point it will cost County Taxpayers Millions to clean up the unaddressed animal crisis in this County. Nativeway.SPCA does Cruelty to Animal Cases all across TN but this is our home base and we have one of the worst animal issues in the State. The people of this County know that we have a severe problem with animals because of no ordinances, no enforcement of any existing ordinances, no animal control officers or an animal shelter. It has been an objective to get this issue resolved before it becomes the astronomical nightmare of cost that will infuriate the County Residents. This County has a severe number of dogs running at large, Vicious dogs and packs running at large, unvaccinated animals that spread disease in this County, it has become a public safety factor and a risk to community members health and safety and a risk to their pets that are taken care of. Unvaccinated dogs pose a serious Rabies issue as there are many Rabid animals roaming this County. Far to many Vicious dogs running loose in this County. This issue has been going on with getting someone to get this started but with all avoidance and fail to address this issue. If this issue is not put into motion the time that you can no longer address it is right around the corner and it will be a very costly issue to clean up and taxpayers will be irate and asking why this issue has not been addressed long ago. Its sad but it seems that until one of the County Officials children, grand children, or spouse gets attacked by one of these animals that it will get addressed and nobody wants that to happen to anyone of our County Members. So we the undersigned Residents of Weakley County Tennessee do here by sign this petition for the action to establish Animal Ordinances, Enforce them, Animal control Officers and an Animal Shelter for these animals until they can be dealt with on each ones basis, we understand that not all animals can be saved but those that can we can find outlets for their lives to continue in good environments. Please acknowledge this petition as a step forward to resolve this problem with the animal issues in our County. Thank You, Josh Pool Nativeway.SPCA Animal Welfare




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    Pauleen p, United States

    5 years ago Comments: its time we get something done threre is to many dogs running at large and being dumped. we see there is a problem not only in city but county is worse but county residents dont count.some one is going to get badly bitten or mauled by these dogs running at large you need to do something its getting out of control.

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