STOP Common Core In Oklahoma!

In the dark of night our educational system is being handed over to the federal government! Please help return the power back to the states, local educators, and parents!

• What was once a job of the states and local ISDs is now being handed over to the federal government. Nationalized Education is against the law!

• Efforts are being made to level the playing field. Many schools will have to dumb down their standards to align with everyone else.

• Our children will be used as guinea pigs for data mining. The government aims to collect data on your child and then follow them from pre-k to the workforce. The information we once revered as private will be no more.

• Subjects like math have been reinvented and are now ridiculous and confusing.

• Our children will be taught globalism and socialism rather than what it means to be an American. History is being rewritten.

• Standardized testing is being rewritten to align with Common Core. This will affect private and homeschooled children.

• No one truly knows the cost to implement this change.


Joy M. Collins - Parent








  • Laura Carriger Please do t he right thing and stop common core!

  • Ashley Zumwalt I have a very intelligent child who has always done well in math. Now that she is nearing middle school has no idea how to do "used to be" simple problems. Her confidence is fading. She feels inadequate. I feel inadequate as I have to now "google" how to help her. Her teacher apparently teaches it the one way and it makes no sense to her and has no idea how to even explain it to me. This must stopped!

  • Marianne Wacaster Please stop Common Core. My 3rd grader is so confused by this nonsense we can't even begin to help her! NO more testing to retain!

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    Shera Tahbonemah

    1 month ago Comments: I feel like the public school system is failing our children daily. If they would let teachers teach, I think things would be different. Both of my children are very intelligent and everyday the school breaks my first graders spirit. He has very little "want to" when it comes to reading, because of all the pushing and timed test at school.
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    Mikayla Smith

    3 months ago Comments: My straight A students has never had an issues with her classes or grades til year (7th grade) not only is she unable to grasp the common core curriculum but I'm having issues helping her and the teachers aren't of any assistance or use and have shown they are having just as many issues as the students. My daughter begged for help and I emailed weekly for help to get this corrected and the teachers idea of help was putting her in a remedial math class instead. We need to go back to the basics and teach the kids the way we've been taught for decades without issue !!!
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    Robert P. Moore

    5 months ago Comments: -
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