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We Need Federal HELP for a Bay Park Ocean Outfall

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Save our Western Bays: A Cleaner Bay, A Cleaner Ocean. We Need Federal HELP for a Bay Park Ocean Outfall

FEMA has allocated $810 million to repair and upgrade the Bay Park STP. This is great news! However, an ocean outfall pipe and removing the nitrogen are both critically needed for healthy bays and ocean beaches. We need our federal agencies, FEMA and HUD, and Governor Cuomo to pursue critically needed funds for the construction of an ocean outfall pipe and for removing nitrogen for the Bay Park STP. An ocean outfall pipe is a necessity, not a luxury item.

I thank Federal Emergency Management Agency, US Housing and Urban Development and Governor Cuomo for working to obtain much needed federal dollars for fixing the Bay Park STP and urge them to secure additional funding for an ocean outfall pipe and to remove nitrogen, in order to protect human health and our bays and ocean.



January 25
We are now live!

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