The City of Saskatoon has REFUSED building a new sidewalk in an old neighborhood. This is the ONLY block on McKinnon Avenue from 12th Street to College Drive that does not have a SAFE place to walk. This street is BUSY.  Children, especially children, (and adults alike) are forced to either dodge vehicles on this narrow, rutted street in winter or walk on (often) muddy and uneven ground in summer.
This is a HIGH TRAFFIC area, with UNRESTRICTED university staff and student parking (creating poor visibility) and is a DIRECT route to Brunskill School and President Murray Park where so many gather EACH and EVERY season of the year.
I want a sidewalk built along the east-side section from Colony Street to 15th Street to ensure the safety of hundreds of people who utilize this street on a daily basis.



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    Nancy Roussy

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    Gerber, Korea, Republic of

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    Camilla, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Good guess, it is a historic dirscitt, just not THE historic dirscitt. Another hint: It's on the south side along a beautiful historic landmark where major construction is happening-hence the need to remove and thankfully reset the slate sidewalk.
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