We are NOT in favor of the Ordination of Gay and Lesbian individuals in the Moravian Church

An influential minority within the Moravian church has changed church doctrine incrementally for over thirty years. Through multiple resolutions addressing homosexuality that were not widely publicized or published for widespread congregational consideration; this minority group is attempting to overrule the majority opinion of the people in the Northern Province and advocate the ordination of lesbians and gays into the ministry of the Moravian church; in violation of the Holy Scriptures and tradition. We present this petition so that the leaders of our church will understand there is not a consensus on this issue and that further action taken that contradicts the Bible on this matter, would be an act of human desire and not a mandate from God. While all people are welcome and included in our community, not all people should be leaders within the church.



  • William K. Gowins My opinion has nothing to do with an individuals sexual preference. I do believe homosexuality to be a sin but I do not judge. I have many friends that are gay. As brothers and sisters they still deserve the dignity and respect afforded to anyone else. As for ordination, I would not attend any church with an actively homosexual leader no more than one who's pastor is straight and addicted to pornography, committing adultery, etc. As for marriage, our government is allowing such unions, however, as a church our mandate should be to follow scripture. If the government wants to allow these unions so be it. There is a means for them to have a civil union. I ask this, however, where as a society do we draw the line? I was in law enforcement for 18 years and saw all walks of life. I had this discussion with a fellow Moravian last week. When an incestuous couple comes before the church or even our government are those unions going to be allowed as well. Would we then not be discriminating against them if such unions are not allowed. Our government seems to have a problem drawing the line but we as a church should not.

  • Anonymous I'm presenting a petition to the MCNP Synod that we no longer listen to the words if imbeciles who would be better suited at Westboro Baptist - please sign and then jump of a cliff.

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