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I feel as a wrestling fan of 20 years that WWE releasing another rise and fall dvd set for WCW would be a mistake. A mistake when you consider that the Monday Night War covered the basic rise and fall of WCW from 1995-2001. But, if you look at the overall aspect of WCW, there were some awesome matches between 1988 (when the southern NWA territory was bought by Ted Turner) and 2001 when WCW went out of business. Sting vs Flair (GAB 1990), Triangle Ladder Match (Starrcade 2000), Liger vs Pillman (Superbrawl II), Benoit vs DDP vs Raven (Uncensored 1998), Raven/Saturn vs Benoit/Malenko vs Kidman/Mysterio (Slamboree 1999), Luger vs Hogan (Nitro, August 1997). These are all just small examples of the many actually good matches that WCW put on over the years. I believe it would be much wiser of WWE to have an online poll that gave the fans the option of choosing off of a list of many matches to decide the best of the best. From those, WWE could then begin production on this dvd set. True, this whole process would be time consuming, and a set would be at least another year before release, but in all fairness, it would be worth it. There are true hardcore wrestling fans out there just like me that I\'m sure can look at this the same way I do and realize that releasing another set that just covers the high point to the destruction of the company would be a bad decision, but if you have a set like this, it can be popular and a big seller. Think about the Bloodbath set. There are 15 matches on there, but I thought of several other cage matches that weren\'t even on this set. If the decision of which matches appear on the set are in the hands of the fans, then there is a far better chance of us all getting what we want out of it.


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