There's still room for Shatner in Star Trek

To Whom it May Concern: We are excited about upcoming Star Trek movie, and expect that the work on it\'s upcoming/future projects hold potential to give the franchise a bright future. All this being said, and while we are delighted that Nimoy will be included, it just wouldn\'t be the same without William Shatner. Though there will certainly be another person to portray the role he is most famous for, we dearly hope we haven\'t seen the last of the original Captain Kirk. Mr. Shatner has expressed to the public, his desire to be a part of this project. He has asked Star Trek\'s fans who are interested, to contact Paramount Pictures and voice their desire to see him in the next movie. This petition therefore serves as our response in compliance to his request. We would like to petition Paramount Pictures and JJ Abrams to give consideration to a role for Shatner in either this movie, or another (if this is indeed, a multi-film project). If this isn\'t possible, we request that he be included to have a part in this project via another capacity. Thank you, for the time you\'ve spent reading this. We are certain that our voices have not fallen on deaf ears, and hope for a possibility that we may see the original Spock and Kirk together on the silver screen one more time. Sincerely, (see signatures)


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    ipwpnkm, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: bpuSn9 ggoanapfozsv, ksajphoborbk, ftnqnsuxjoaj,
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    Sabrina Hardy, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Mr. Shatner makes the best Starfleet Captain ever. I would love to see him in the new movie.
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    Ian Crawford, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Even at his old age, Shatner is still a very bankable star! Boston Legal is an amazing show! Shatner was an original cast member, and a main one at that, if you are re-casting the other crew then leaving "Kirk" out of the story is one HUGE mistake!
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