Walker Farms Covenant Amendment

This petition is to make a change to the covenants in the Walker Farms Community to give the residents here the freedom which they deserve as homeowners without sacrificing the property values.This proposed change is in regards to the fencing guidelines.Currently it is stated that all privacy fences must be a dog eared shadowbox style fence. This is to propose a change that would allow homeowners the right to choose other options specifically the option of vinyl privacy fence,a dog eared privacy fence that is not shadowboxed and also privacy fences that are flat top with no dog ear or that are made up of materials other than wood.We would also propose the ability to have a fence or landscaping within the easements of our property with a clause stating that if for any reason it needs to be removed for repairs or maintenance it will be done at the homeowners expense.This will allow us to use as much of our yard as possible when it comes to fencing and landscaping.Homeowners should have the right to choose materials they feel are best for them just as the developer has, specifically the fence along the main road in front of the community. The developer has used a vinyl post and rail fence along the main road and has done so with a reason. From a maintenance and longevity standpoint vinyl lasts longer without regular maintenance and requires no painting or staining to keep its appearance. We have all paid our association fees and we all have mortgages that we pay every month, why should anyone other than ourselves be dictating basic rights we should have as homeowners.We will propose to maintain the guidlines that state all fencing must be installed in a professional manner as to keep the property value and overall appearance of the community in harmony, but will be asking that the restrictions on design and material choice be lifted immediately. From a safety standpoint non shadow boxed and non wood fences are safer for pets and children as there are no openings for them to get stuck in and no splintering wood for them to get hurt on. We all should have the basic right to choose what is best for us and our families. Please support this petition as it requires 75% of the residents here to make a change to the covenants and please feel free to submit any other issues you feel should be addressed.


This petition is for individals residing in the Walker Farms community located in Whitestown,IN and is presented to help make a change to the Home Owners Association covenants.Personal information given including phone number and email addresses will not be used for any purpose other than to verify signatures if needed by the developer.


Please take a look at this or other FAQ sections for questions you may have about vinyl materials in comparison to wood. http://www.avinylfence.com/common-questions.php


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    Larry and Barbara Parmeter, United States

    1 month ago Full Name:: Larry and Barbara Parmeter
    Are you a homeowner in the Walker Farms community: Yes
    Comments:: We, as homeowners, should also have the right to decorate / landscape our homes according to our particular style or taste without approval of the HOA. We have used outside garden lights for years, but THIS year, they were determined by the HOA, the lights were "holiday lights" and the HOA refuse to show us where this is listed in our Covenants or where this was changed in the by-laws. We use the lights to decorate for each season and every year receive multiple compliments. We are now forced to take them down.
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    Cece Callahan

    1 month ago Full Name:: Cecilia Callahan
    Are you a homeowner in the Walker Farms community: Yes
    Comments:: I support this amendment to the covenants
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    9 months ago Full Name:: DAVID MIDDLETON
    Are you a homeowner in the Walker Farms community: Yes
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