Stop Wales banning certain breeds of dogs.

The pathetic Michael Imperato, A campagining Welsh solicitor has called on the Government to ban an exotic breed of dog after they were apparently involved in a spate of attacks on children. Michael Imperato (an obvious dog hater) has failed to realise that this "exotic" breed of dog is not the one mentioned in an interview with icWales (A major news company based in Wales). Mr Imperato claims the dog is called "The Japanese hunting dog, or Akita". This implies 2 breeds of dog. Not just the one. The attacks on children involved the "American Akita" NOT, I REPEAT, NOT the Japanese Akita Inu. If the prat Mr Imperato had bothered to research the breed he would realise that the two breeds (American and Japanese Akita) have completely different temperaments. The dog's that attacked children were "American Akita", which have a much more violent history than the Japanese Akita Inu, The Japanese Akita Inu are excellent house dogs. They require moderate, but regular exercise. Akitas are known to be very quiet dogs, only barking "when there is something to bark about". THE JAPANESE AKITA INU IS NOT DANGEROUS UNLESS THE OWNER TREATS THEM WITH DISRESPECT. THEY ARE LOVABLE, GRAND AND VERY PLAYFUL DOGS. EACH DOG IS DIFFERENT. HOW CAN SOME TOSSER (PARDON MY LANGUAGE) STAND UP AND CLAIM THEY ARE A DANGEROUS BREED. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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    Rachel Bates, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: We have recently rescued a lovely 18 month old Japanese Akita Inu bitch and spent several weekends over the past months settling her in to be sure of her temperament. A more loving, dog friendly, child friendly animal would be hard to come across - her only fault is a little bit of stubborn disobedience which we are addressing with training. It would be a crime to outlaw this tremendous breed, especially in the light of its history. As with many breeds, irresponsible breeding and bad owners are at 100% at fault.
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    Jason Ruiz, United States

    4 years ago Comments: -
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    MARGOT MILLAR, United Kingdom

    4 years ago Comments: This man is a moron!
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