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    Ehlmira, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Please get serious about cnttiug spending. It is painful to watch the cuts in state programs, but the problem will only get worse if the layoffs continue and your tax base withers away. You cannot tax a person who is not working, and our state cannot afford to add more unemployed to the welfare roles.
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    Titichot, Australia

    2 years ago Comments: If Failure is not acceptable then we all shloud stop consuming at the pace we are doing. and all going to Rio shloud stay home and work on this issue with local governments.
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    Misbah, Belgium

    2 years ago Comments: When I read about this as a breaking news bit, part of my heart died. Cemetery, your rcateion to Katrina is the same one I had, though I no longer live in the Industrial Valley to your SW.There is no question in my mind that liberal and conservative government forces alike are planning to disarm Americans systematically in the next several decades. I am not a paranoid or fearful sort. I'm basing this on many things I've observed including in some fairly closed settings.For example I worked in sustainability most of my career, before retiring sick of the power games that took the place of actually caring about how ecosystem devastation would affect regular people and all other species of living creatures. As part of that I worked in climate change science and policy. My own independent readings of 25 years of research (reaching back to before the topic became politicized) over that period of time indicates quite strongly that in the next 10 to 50 years. most of the eastern megalopolis will be below the new sea level, or its infrastructures flooded to the point of chaos. That's just one example of why it will be very very important that the powerbrokers count on a sheeplike, desperate citizenry that can't shoot back when being deprived of their homes, their jobs, their families and friends. I could provide many other examples food, water, pandemics . But the writing is on the wall; Google on environmental refugees and see how this is already playing out elsewhere. You noted all those people from NYC pouring into what, the Kittatinnies? I'd bet you that they won't have the chance to leave the islands, unless it's to FEMA camps on FEMA buses guarded by shock troops. No city will be easier to quarantine and control. Even more important will be to have before that time a mass mindset engineered into most people that anyone who opposes the government or any of its agencies or contractors is a HORRIBLE CRIMINAL. And that anyone who takes any role other than state-designated victim is evil.

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