Veterinary pet Insurance (VPI) coverage increase

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) has hundreds, if not thousands, of consumer complaints about their outdated and grossly insufficient benefit schedule. By signing this petition, you are requesting that VPI update and adjust their benefit schedule to reflect current cost estimates and provide sufficient coverage to the customers and animals that depend on them.


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    Willow Cordain, United States

    5 years ago Comments: They truly misrepresent what they offer. They cover nothing but you don't know that until you have had some pet problem and then to switch to another, better company you have a pre-existing condition.
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    Greg Trinkle, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Stay away from VPI Pet Insurance. It is a complete rip off. I have two Golden Retrievers (Male is Miller and Female is Sandy). Now I had both of my dogs covered by VPI for over a year. When researching Pet Insurance, I was looking for something to cover me for catastrophic type Vet Cost. I was willing to have a $1000 deductible in order to keep the monthly Premiums down. I never really could find exactly what coverage I wanted, but VPI seemed to be the most reasonable plan. It said I had up to $9500 in coverage and a $50 deductible. So I was paying around $700 a year which was more then I planned, but still selected the plan. One day my dog Miller was limping badly. He would not put any wait on his back left leg. Watching him chase his beloved tennis ball on 3 legs, I knew he needed to see the vet (I live in Atlanta). So Vet decided that it was either a Ligament Strain or Tear. Prescribed an Anti-Inflammatory and Pain medication. The cost was $117 ($55 for exam, approximately $5 for taxes, & 67 for the two meds). Now this was not the type of claim I was looking for Insurance coverage from, but I figured I paid for it I might as well submit the clam. So I figured I would get about $60 (I know they won’t pay taxes and my $50 deductible). I was absolutely shocked when they sent me a check for $6.70. I am like this has to be some sort of error. So I called VPI and the let me know this was correct. They said that for this type of claim (Called a Soft Tissue Injury) the maximum amount of payout for a Soft Tissue was $58. I asked them what was this Maximum Payment based on. They told me it was an average cost for this type of problem. Which I said was absurd because the Exam is going to cost between $50 & $60. So any treatment is already above this. I then started looking over there list of Maximum Type payouts for other types of claims. And they were absurd. I looked at some of them and they would likely only cover 15% of the true vet bill. $1200 is the most they would cover for any specific claim (Only type things that were $1200 were for major type surgeries or cancer Chemo. Which in reality, if your pet needed these type of Vet Care, $1200 would just be a start) So I requested they provide me with a scenario where I would have this so called $9,500 coverage I signed up for. They refused. I can tell you why they wouldn’t, because it would take 8 major /unrelated catastrophic type injuries/illnesses to happen during the year in order for this “$9500 in coverage). So if your pet gets hit by a car (Few Broken bones), comes down with Cancer, needs a kidney transplant, gets bitten by a rattlesnake, swallows some poison, etc you could theoretically get your $9500 of coverage. Your Vet bills will be $50,000+. Stay away from this company. I was so upset, I cancelled my Nationwide Homeowner/Auto (Who I was very happy with) due to their association with VPI.
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    Louise, United States

    5 years ago Comments: The horror stories out there abound about VPI. I almost signed up for them, but after calling them to inquire about their policies and exclusions, and they sounded SO fishy; and then reading ALL the customer complaints out there, I decided not to. Very disappointing.
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