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I am putting this petition together in an attempt to support my husband in facing his legal battle with immigration. This petition is for people to sign that understand the importance of family and hearing the voices of people that can't always afford to have one hired. To give people a fair chance to contribute to the quality of life in our community by fairly and impartially administering justice in the most effective, efficient, and professional manner possible. It is meant to stress the importance to our court officials the impact that in depth evaluations of each case and understanding the circumstances in which they currently face and/or have faced is something worth reviewing and fighting for. This should be done for all cases that are in presented to the judge not just the ones who can afford the fancy lawyers to represent them but for the ones who just need their voices to be heard. It's to show how people can work together to serve the public, and how to treat them with courtesy and respect. How to be ethical in all that we do and communicate honestly and openly. We should be sensitive and caring and welcome and value individual differences and diversity. To be energetic and hardworking, and make every day in our lives both productive and positive. This petition is specifically for my husband, who has done what he can to provide for his family and made our family stronger and prouder than ever. We are now facing the hardship of him being taken away from us and all he has worked so hard to accomplish for circumstances that are out of his control. He has made some mistakes in his life, as all humans do, but not all have continuously shown an effort to learn and continue to work hard to be an example and role model to many. Please sign this petition in support for us in showing that this family has goals, dreams and endless possibilities still to be reached. Also in the attempts to prove and maintain a family support system like ours is inseparable, limitless, and will never stop fighting for what they believe in. My hopes with this petition is to show the judge how supportive, realistic, and creative we can be in showing support for a man who means so much to us and who this man really can be given the opportunity to do so. This petition is to give families like mine a chance to have the opportunity to have their voices heard in formal court proceedings and that letters and supportive gestures are acknowledged, read and heard.



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    txkeatcusnh, Russian Federation

    2 years ago Comments: OWONUj , xhywbqnrwmpd, isegzqujpbim, http://ofyspkwlocah.com/
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    dfloapknp, China

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    Anxhela, France

    2 years ago Comments: While it's understood what you are snyiag Jeff, in the case where the women were arrested for wearing John Kerry campaign materials, they were stepping onto private property and were asked multiple times to leave the premises being told it was private property.While we all should be allowed to protest freely on public streets, public venues, etc. We can't necessarily barge onto someone else's lawn and have a protest. If it's not public property, then we need to respect someone else's property rights.You can make their life a living hell though just outside of their property. That's always a good way to go.
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