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This is a petition against a petition. is NOT a money-stealing scam! Nor does it have any kind of malicious gay intent. There's nothing pornographic on this site, and if it is even remotely pornographic, the administrator or user that solicited this material is abruptly deleted. Yes, Keith Kurson is gay. Oh no. He's out to take over the world and convert little children into homosexuality. There is, (very clearly stated, I might add), that you must be over the age of thirteen to create an account on the site. If one is under said age, the only way they can create an account is with parents' permission. If the child chooses to lie and say they are over the age set or they have their parents' permission, that isn't Keith's fault, is it No one has to pay money to join the site. Yes, there is an option that asks for money, but it isn't mandatory. The option creates more benefits, known as a 'gold account', and although an expense, it is not necessary. Keith clearly states that hacking is a risk, and if one decides to pay and the site is hacked, it's their problem, because they were completely aware of the risks that arrive with the benefits. The 'sex berry' item isn't a scheme to create transvestites! If one chooses a pet of the male gender and wants a female pet instead, how would you change the gender and keep the pet The sex berry item. Sex and gender are synonyms in this instance. If Keith Kurson really did do all of those awful crimes that have been rumored, would he not have been arrested a long time ago Just because he did not deny the crimes does not mean he committed them. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of orientation are exercised on this website. There are homosexual users, Christian users, Atheistic users, Agnostic users, heterosexual users, and yes, some Satanic users. Keith Kurson does not support or cast down any kind of religion or orientation on subeta. There are pentagrams on an assortment of items, but there are also angelic items, are there not There are various beliefs everywhere, and is no different. Put a stop to this ignorant and infantile plea and support by signing this iPetition.


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    7 years ago Comments: THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING DUMB PETITION CREATOR! I just read the anti-subeta post and all I could say was "The only kind of Anti pet site there should be are for Neopets."
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