Vernon NJ Council: Legalize Chickens in Vernon.

 Currently there is no ordinance that permits a resident to responsibly raise hens in Vernon Township. The Township should introduce an ordinance that allows residents to allow small number of backyard hens for the following reasons:  

-  Chickens produce a rich fertilizer by-product, high in nitrogen, eliminating the need for petrochemical fertilizers. 

-  Chickens eat insects, including ticks, reducing our backyard pest population, and allowing for reduced use of pesticides.

-  Backyard hens provide an educational opportunity to teach children where our food comes from and demonstrate responsible pet ownership.

-  Fresh, naturally raised eggs have an improved nutrient profile compared to conventional eggs

-  Chickens eat table scraps, reducing municipal solid waste. A properly cleaned and maintained chicken coop poses no sanitation risks.

-  Create Town Revenue - chicken owners will have to acquire a license for a fee from the town to own and raise hens.

By creating the ordinance to allow residents to keep a limited number of hens in residential zones, the Township will encourage stewardship of the environment and food production on a household scale, in line with the Township’s goals for environmental sustainability and support of local food.  




  • Jamie W Damon straight!!!

  • Jessica Sullivan Chickens are not nearly as loud, dirty or prone to becoming a nuisance to local wildlife and neighbors as dogs and cats are. A few hens are an important part of living a green, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

  • ALICE FAIRCHILD It's stupid to keep property owners from having a few hens for eggs and bug control. They are smaller, quieter and make less mess than 150lb Rottweiler and make better neighbors.

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