Value equalization of all the currencies into a single monetary unit:Regarding

Dear all the national & global leaders/economists/Chief of International Organisations/ governments authorities/Billionaires of the world,

You know that all around the world, there are some poor countries & rich countries. Value of the currencies of different countries differ from each country to country. Europe adopted "Euro" for European countries, and the same was universally accepted. Value of the currencies are determined on the basis of export & import including demand & supply. In addition to this, the cost of living differs from country to country also due value difference of different currencies of the world. It invite legalized gambling like Forex trading. We all are under one sky, and nature has given vast resources to human kind for their living. The existing agricultural land mass is too enough to maintain the live-hood of humans. In spite of it most of the countries, people are roaming hither & thither like nomadic condition for their basic needs like food,clothes & shelter, though sufficient land mass is available for them. Humans are greedy in nature except few noble people, who always think about the development of humankind. Feudal Lord system is still continuing in the entire globe due to greediness of greedy humans, and they always want to accumulate more and more money instead of thinking about the other have not people of the world. Price of commodities/consumable items also differ from country to country. In my opinion,if the value of all the currencies are equalized into a single monetary unit, there will be no price inflation,price hike,legalized gambling like Forex trading and many more. This will eradicate corruptions,poverty,crimes from the globe some extent. This will generate more employment opportunities in agricultural sectors & others. This is possible, if the global & national leaders,governments of different countries,economists,different religious leaders including International organisations will take initiative for the betterment of human society. We are humans and always see the benefits of humankind. Be human-love human and hence this petition. 
Yours faithfully.
Sambhunath Tiadi
Editor-Journalism Today
Bhubaneswar, Odisha,India,Pin-751019



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