WE THE UNDERSIGNED, ENDORSE THE FOLLOWING PETITION PETITION TO DENY CATHY, MARIA & CONCETTA VACCARELLO'S KILLER EARLY RELEASE/PAROLE; NYSID # 00984124L DIN # 95A0907 To be submitted to:New York State Board of Parole on behalf of Cathy Vaccarello, Maria Vaccarello, Concetta Vaccarello and their family. We, the undersigned, oppose early release/parole for Abraham Myers, a convicted felon. Anything less than the maximum sentence (LIFE in prison) is unacceptable. On May 1, 1994, while crossing the street after leaving a family celebration 3 lives were tragically taken. Abraham Myers with .2 BAC, going 70 mph in a 40 mph zone without headlights on ran a red light & mowed down a family- John (50), Cathy (45), Maria (18), Concetta (17) Cathy and Maria were pronounced dead on the scene, Concetta lingered on at the hospital for a few hours when she was then pronounced dead. John was critically injured, and not expected to survive. The utter devastation to our family is impossible to quantify or describe. The pain, emptiness, loneliness and heartbreak is our life sentence. Abraham Myers had 26 license suspensions, was driving without a valid license for 27 years (since 1967), and had 3 prior arrests for drunk driving. It is obvious that he is a man incapable of learning from repeated attempts to curb his behavior, and worse yet, he has shown absolutely no desire to do so. If the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, we have no doubt that if released that he will continue in the same manner. Every person must be held accountable for their actions. 15 YEARS IN PRISON, 5 YEARS PER LIFE, IS NOT JUSTICE. His unconscionable actions have had a profound impact on our family. Our loved ones voices have been silenced but now we speak for them. ABRAHAM MYERS DOES NOT DESERVE CLEMENCY AND SHOULD NOT BE TREATED LENIENTLY...HE IS NOT THE VICTIM!!




  • Stephen Feimland The law may have only given him 15 years, but he should serve every day of them.

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    9 months ago Comments: The law may have only given him 15 years, but he should serve every day of them.
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