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    Ivan, Switzerland

    2 years ago State: Florida
    Country: Malawi
    Comments: Beautiful formations of ice. Bayfield is a nice gtewaay mid-winter. Kinda Northern Exposure-esq; low key, a few restaurants open, and one lone mechanic if you need one. He also doubles as the ferry boat Captain. We spent some time in some inexpensive cabins within walking distance of the lake. I agree, the lake is amazing frozen. How often do you get to gaze on a endless frozen expanse, dotted with islands and not see the other side?
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    Eric, Russian Federation

    2 years ago State: South Dakota
    Country: Northern Mariana Islands
    Comments: hi nina. good luck on your travels. we just got back from our viatenm-cambodia-malaysia trip the other day. we really fell in love with cambodia the temples, food and especially the people (very warm and genuine). KL was KL (k lang ) i missed bangkok seeing the food you ate on the streets of bangkok and that thai orange juice na freshly squeezed yum .good luck in malaysia
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    Raghu, Portugal

    2 years ago State: Maryland
    Country: Latvia
    Comments: I do think there should be litmis. Here's the problems I have with litmis:There are people who need pristine places to live and visit if all pristine places are off-litmis, where will they go.If a pristine place is totally off-litmis, how will we enjoy it's beauty.If the number of visitor's is limited, I think the number of visits per unique visitor should be limited so more people can enjoy.Also, interesting history of the Galapagos.
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