Halt The Columbia, Missouri Smoking Ban





http://www.booneliberty.org/StopTheBan/ http://www.davehitt.com/facts/banlinksarchive3.html


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    Ronald Bellamy, United States

    5 years ago
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    DENISE HAGGERTY, United States

    5 years ago Comments for City Council: I am in Wisconsin, and I do smoke! I feel strongly against a smoking ban anywhere! It is against our constitional rights, and you are breaking the laws of history, does that mean we can sue you for unjust enrichment Or against our rights being violated What about Alcohol Many drunks are allowed to drive a car, kill thousands of people, and yet, they get a small punishment! Why is that As the drunk driver on the snowmobile here in northern Wisconsin who killed the newscaster from Illinois, who only got 3 years probation for killing an innocent person!! That is UNJUST! Many business have and will continue to close up and lose money over a smoking ban! I seldom go to a place where there is no smoking, I myself stay away! I drove semi for over 20 years, and never have I seen such ill public officals wasting time and money on such a stupid program to push business towards bankruptcy! Here is a great idea for all, and Salt Lake City has been doing it for years! I go to their truck stop, pay $1 a year, and I can sit in the restraurant, enclosed in glass, and smoke my lungs away! While non-smokers sit outside the enclosed glass! Now, that owner was thinking of all of his customers, smart move, and he has never lost any business! Fair business practices are the key to success and fairness! If all the businesses did this, there would be no need to ban any smoking, and all people should be happy! I can see paying a $1 a year to enjoy my relaxation! It sure is better than taking drugs or driving drunk in hopes of killing someone, dont you think This ban will be a first of many to come, if it is allowed, and then we will be a communist country!! Maybe we should all make our own country, a true freedom country, as the United States is NOT free anymore! With jerks, cheaters, liars, stealers, and uncaring public officals running our life, what is left to enjoy
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    Troy Snellen, United States

    6 years ago
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