Uphold 2nd Amendment Right

Dear Legislators: We the people of the United States demand that you uphold our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. This is not a question of "do we really need" certain types of weapons, it is a question of our rights to own weapons. We do not believe in punishing the innocent for the actions of a few. We believe in order to have a lawful and intelligent conversation about crime we must first address the justice system that so readily releases criminals back in to society that re-offend with "illegal guns". We need to address the "sick/evil" perpetrator and hold the individuals accountable for their own chosen actions with stiffer penalties which are upheld. Responsible gun owners are just that "responsible" so why should we be dictated to about what guns we can own. Our forefathers had the presence of mind to understand that our right to bear arms was a necessary right, with the understanding that technology would advance and not limiting us to "muzzleloaders" otherwise they would have specified our ownership to particular guns. Just as we today can project and understand that things will advance we believe they too possessed this understanding. We the people will not have our 2nd amendment right infringed upon.



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    michael hintz, United States

    2 years ago Comments: As your constituent, I want to urge you to oppose any and all gun control proposals that have been, or will be, introduced, particularly so-called “universal” background checks, which would criminalize the private transfer of firearms and any legislation that would arbitrarily limit ammunition magazines or reinstate the failed ban on commonly owned semi-automatic rifles. Even Obama's experts say his gun control policies won't work. According to an internal Department of Justice memorandum,"universal" background checks will not work without requiring gun registration and a gun and magazine ban, like the one being debated right now in Congress, will not work without a mandatory gun buyback (confiscation). The one thing all of these misguided proposals have in common is they won't reduce crime. Criminals, by definition, are lawbreakers. They are not deterred by laws against murder, rape, armed robbery, etc., and they won’t be affected by additional gun control laws on top of the tens of thousands of existing laws we have on the books at every governmental level. Again, I urge you to oppose any and all anti-gun legislation that will simply penalize law-abiding gun owners and instead focus on improvements to our nation’s mental health system and enhancing school security, while respecting our Second Amendment rights. Your votes on these issues will be a major consideration in my future voting decisions.
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    Michael Allen Fite Jr., United States

    2 years ago Comments: You are only harming law abiding citizens and I feel that banning "assault weapons" would only cause more law breakers and would infringe upon our God given Second Amendment rights. Further more there are more pressing matters at hand such as securing the border. Myself and many others feel that more and more criminals such as cartel members, gang members and yes even international terrorists are taking advantage of the porous border and weak stance of this administration. If I had to defend myself in this modern age I do not want to have to do it with an inferior weapon while an illeagal alien wielding an assault rifle chops off someones head. Yeah...look it up. PROSECUTE THE LAW BREAKERS NOT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IS NOT SOLELY ABOUT HUNTING IT IS ABOUT SELF DEFENSE.
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    Shawn Quinn, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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