Streamlining and updating the SSA Disability laws

Why does it take so long for Social Security to make a decision to whether your going to receive your disability insurance benefits? And, under what authority or law drives the decision... You do understand that this is your money, uncontested and without the ability to opt out it's just taken out of every paycheck you get. Wake up people! This is your money... nobody should be making a decision of whether you get/qualify to get your benefits. Imagine going to the bank and having the teller tell you it will be 4 to 6 months before they can make a decision as to whether they will release money from your saving account.



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    Maria, United States

    1 year ago Comments: "it's all in his head. We don't know what's wrong with him", given that he is in constant pain and srleggtus to move. Then, DLA assessed him and stated he could walk and wasn't in pain as he wasn't taking pain killers at that time. The fact he had refused medication on the basis of contra-indications, and the fact that the only pain killer that worked any more was morphine, that was also a slap in the face.I wish I'd known that the fact he has 2 chronic conditions that affect one another would be ignored by DLA, and they would not look at what he was doing to keep himself active but rather how he was NOT keeping himself immobile. I wish I'd known that society would not help us when I decided to carry on working and he decided to try and work for himself, around his illness, rather than either of us give up. We'd be earning more if we just took benefits. I wish I'd known how unhelpful my employer (an NHS Trust) would be around the fact I had a disabled partner. I wish I'd known that we were going to lose 3/4 of our household income, as we would have made different financial decisions, given that we always thought he would work in some capacity and not be limited. pompineoulb idnkkxrotvh
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    Marija, United States

    1 year ago Comments: Talkin about the struggle of dislbaed people educates the movement, positive action, strategy and demands are required to support dislbaed people that we are all going through, academics can talk, talk is easy.The way forward is to not talk on the issue but have a strategy to get dislbaed people Freedom Step 1 How can dislbaed be supported to get out of bed and be cleaned from their shit and piss.Maybe this is not taught in universities upghtupe xcijhllw
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    Santiago, Singapore

    1 year ago Comments: Nevertheless, this message needs to be made loud and clear to the unudecated power mongers who divide and rule this land. Until they get the message' disabled people will struggle. It's a bit like swimming against the tide! Only if we all stick together can we make a difference. We can't all join a march but we can influence people with letter writing, e-mailing, campaigns etc. The pen is mightier than the sword, we just have to get those who can write to do so, and to keep on doing so.
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