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University of Leicester to pay the Living Wage

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The University of Leicester does not pay the Living Wage and have stated that they have no intention of adopting the Living Wage now or in the foreseeable future. Our neighbours Loughborough and DeMontfort pay the Living Wage. Not only does the University of Leicester contribute to social exclusion by not paying the Living Wage, it also actively contributes to social exclusion by excluding low paid staff from its own benefits schemes – schemes that it then claims are part of the rationale for not paying the Living Wage! A position effectively articulated by another denizen of the land of privilege, Marie Antoinette – “Let Them Eat Cake”. Whilst social mobility has effectively ceased, the system in place at Leicester is looking increasingly feudal – and ripe for change. For those of us in the middle ground a 13% decrease in living standards over the last 5 years is an unpleasant experience exasperated by yet another below inflation pay rise. For those staff being paid at or just above the minimum wage this puts the aspiration of attaining a Living Wage even further beyond their reach. Every below inflation pay rise sucks more staff into poverty wages – every year the proportion of staff not being paid the Living Wage increases. By not paying the Living Wage and supporting below inflation pay awards the University is actively increasing poverty and social inclusion. Is this something to be proud of? When our students come to realize who their “experience” is dependent on the exploitation of an increasingly impoverished workforce are they going to be so glowing in their praise of the institution and how it is using their fees? The University of Leicester can afford to pay the Living Wage. It chooses not to. The decision makers at the University of Leicester have no intention of addressing the scandal of low pay. It is up to us to change their minds. Let Them Eat Cake? No Vice Chancellor, No UCEA Let Them Afford Cake. Adopt the Living Wage Now Sign up below to show your support

  • Sue sweet
    Sue sweet United Kingdom, Cleethorpes
    Jul 10, 2014
    Jul 10, 2014
    I am a teaching assistant and have had enough of the increasing demands put on us for the poor pay we receive.
  • andrew mcgee
    andrew mcgee United Kingdom, Leicester
    Feb 14, 2014
    Feb 14, 2014
    because we're not monkeys


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    Katie Moore United Kingdom
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