Fair For All - University Tuition Fees

Good University education is a right for all hard working taxpaying citizens of this country regardless of social status, colour and background. Good quality university education is what this country is renowned for all over the world. It is highly valued respected, and sought after.

We as parents, guardians and of course current , and future university students, are concerned at what the impact of high and unfair university tuition fees might be on current and future generations. We feel the current level of charges is high enough, and indeed maybe too high for some, for there to be yet a further substantial increase in the level of fees.


We feel it is unfair that students do not pay university fees in other UK areas such as Scotland, while in England they do. We feel it is unfair to burden university graduates with repayments at times when mortgage deposits are at 10 to 14% and the cost of living is increasing. Many parents are supporting their sons/daughters in a way (and at an unprecedented level) they never have before; bridging the gap between fees due and loans awarded; food bills; fuel in external accommodation; text books; keeping cars on the road. Many parents also have more than one child at Uni at the same time or in close succession - meaning years in a financial support role rather than saving for a much needed pension themselves.

parents are eating into savings to keep their student children needs addressed which in the future will mean they too become a growing burden to society by having less savings; pensions. When, traditionally, children then grow to care for their parents, they will not be able to; as they will still be paying off loans and/or entering the housing market much much later meaning many may NOT have finished paying for their houses before they are due to retire. Talk about a domino catastrophe effect!!! We urge the Government to maintain a certain level of subsidy / contribution to universities so they are not forced into increasing their charges. We urge the government act now to either abolish university fees or at least maintain a cap at the current level.

We are concerned that these changes WILL affect a decision of many to go to University. This will lead to many more school leavers being out of work. With the continuing, unabated influx of Europeans to the mix, we are going to breed an angry and rebellious youth who have little/no prospect for the future because they cannot get onto the job ladder or the housing ladder. This in turn "may" well add to crime and drug issues. When will government; who we all appreciate have tough decisions to make, see beyond the end of their noses to the knock on effects of their choices? I believe, the same level of savings can be made by reducing benefits paid to non-nationals and to curbing the influx of foreigners to take up jobs much needed by our own youth and ever growing older population who cannot have the luxury of choice of retiring anymore.


We care for our country's education, we care for its future..



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