End Lobbying in Our Nation's Capital!

Lobbying in America has gotten out of hand. It needs to be stopped immediately and indiscriminately. I propose an amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America to abolish all forms of lobbying our elected officials in any capacity. The thought that our elected officials’ jobs are being compromised due to the greed of a few is detestable. It’s time the American people stood up and said “no more!”. Say “no more” to greed, arrogance, and corruption. The lobbyists have been paid to communicate with officials whose job it is to protect the citizens of the US. But, it’s time the public made their voices heard and tell the Congress that we’re fed up with it following the money. Nothing is getting done in the Congress. No one has the integrity to stick up for the best interest of the American people. The job of the federal government is to protect and serve the American people. The idea of allowing lobbyists, corporate or otherwise, to influence our elected officials is contrary to the spirit of Democracy, or majority rule. It promotes irresponsible spending of taxpayer dollars on projects that only benefit the Client of the lobbyist. It also promotes corruption in form that money talks. If an entity has a relatively infinite amount of money to spend in order to get a bill passed, then that person can use lobbying to get any number of bills passed that run contrary to the public benefit. The purpose of a Democracy is rule by majority. The US Congressman and the US President work for the American people. Lobbying is contrary to the American spirit of Democracy because, according to Wikipedia, Clients pay lobbyists to “attempt to influence decisions made by officials in the government.” These clients could be corporations, advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, etc. The fact is, the lobbyists have no stake in the politics of the matter; they just collect a paycheck. If a bill is not presented to the American people in a way that would garner support for it, then that bill should not be a law. On the appropriation of public funds to pay for discretionary spending, no lobbyist should influence Congress on how to spend the American peoples’ money. Thank you for taking the time to read this petition. Remember, “United we stand; Divided we fall.”


Kyle Roberts, Citizen, Ocala, FL



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