United Kennel Club- Delete The 'Molera' Disqualification

The United Kennel Club has recently (October-12,2012) revised their Chihuahua Breed Standard to disqualify the natural open fontanel or molera a very small hole, normally found, in the top skull of a Chihuahua. The "molera" has been present and mentioned in all Chihuahua breed standards since 1934, and has been mentioned as a sign of the Chihuahua breed in every Chihuahua book written in it's history in the US and abroad. The molera is occurs because Chihuahuas need a more flexible skull structure to pass through the birth canal at birth without a caesarian section operation. In breeding Chihuahuas, even experienced and dedicated breeders are not able to "control" for the size of the molera, it is relatively complex process related to each dog's growth and developement. The molera is similar to that in human babies, but due to the fact many purebred Chihuahuas are under five pounds, in this case, the moleracan remain slightly open at adult,s and is, invariably,present in many young dogs and is about the size of a pea to a dime. Excessive moleras are not sought after by breeders, as the breed existstoday, however the presence of the molera is not at all a sign of inferior breeding in the breed. Often the rounder head shape.lends itself to a molera even if temporary. UKC has not been willing to listen up to this point. This petition is the ask for fellow supporters to help us ask UKC to please revise the standard to not include the molera as a Disqualification for conformation standards because it is naturally occuring, non-threatening, unless extreme, and this disqualification will result in a very large percentage of Chihuahuas being disqualified, especially dogs under a year of age. Please lend us a hand. Thank you!






  • Patti Pytlak Delete this - it is characteristic of the breed and at one time was required in the standard. I have had multiple with no ill effects and mostly closed by the age of 2 yrs old

  • Shirley Myall It is not a fault and should not be disqualification.
    Please revise the standard

  • Cara Ryckman Please remove this. It is normal in this breed.

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    Michele Misurelli-Gillis

    3 weeks ago Comments: totally absurd! If they would JUST do their research- not to mention leave the standard up to those who actually KNOW the breed!
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    Cara Ryckman, United States

    4 weeks ago Comments: Please remove this. It is normal in this breed.
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    Shirley Myall

    4 weeks ago Comments: It is not a fault and should not be disqualification. Please revise the standard
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  • WAYNE CAVANAUGH from UKC needs to read this and sign it! A molera is not a disease condition in a small Chihuahua, it is a safety valve.