Abolish Unfair Conviction and Tatooing of Pets

Hello everyone, and thank you for reading this. The purpose of this petition is to stop the unfair practice of the \"dangerous dog\" laws in Houston


Pam Francis Wilson


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    Mike Cash, United States

    7 years ago State: TX
    Comments: good luck.
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    julia hailey, United States

    7 years ago State: NJ
    Country: US
    Comments: I agree 100%! 2 attorneys are working on my case. I am dealing with the same situation. Based on false alligations of one of the neighbours my dog now is taken away and being held at the shelter untill the court date. A little girl got bit by their own dog - blamed on mine. 3 different neighbors confirmed that that their own dog did it. No investigation by Animal Control was done what so ever, they did not ask me a single question as of where I and my dog were that day. It has been 3 weeks ever since this happened, still do not have a single paper from officials, therefore I have no idea as how the bite acciden happened. This is just not fare.
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    Michelle York, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Most of these mandates are written stated as merely as city ordinances. And animal shelters aren't giving the owner's enough say about their dogs. Several issues arise when you bring up the permanent placement of distinguishing marks that also hold a keyhole to personal information. Right now I'm under a 24-hour time restraint while I fight to find anyone who will use their power to let my poor dog free of that cage without a microchip. Nobody really understands the weight this is pressing on at least three major civil liberties running through my head: The first amendment gives the right to religious freedom. Is that a defense for this issue Read for yourselves Revelation 13:16-18. And our rights to have and secure our property identified in the 4th and 14th. We need to insist that our council members work to defeat this issue and give some power back to us... The tax payers, abiding citizen, and registered voters.
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