Child Support Laws Are Unfair For Men

Like many other fathers in the world I pay child support. I see fathers are bearing the burden of paying lots of money to their children without any proof of what the money is being spent on. I have no problem with paying child support. But how do I know the money is really being spent on my child. Are we fathers supposed to take the word of our childs mother no! does the court system take our word when we say we paided no! they want to see proof. Why is the burden of proof on the male and not the female are we all not equal. I purpose that a type of debit credit card is invented so that the childs money can monitored by someone. also I purpose that statments are sent to the childs father every month to ensure the childs father that the money is being spent on the child and not the childs mother. I also suppose that if the mother does not spend all the money for that child in that month the money should be returned to the father.


Currnetly I have no one sponsoring me I am one man looking for someone to help me in this fight.


  • Deidre I understand that both parents decide to have a child but if the child is already being taken care of financially by one parent then why should we have to pay it especially if we are struggling to get by. I don't get assistance from the government and I have 2 special need children in my care my husband pays child support for his 10 year old and it gets deducted out of his check and now I have to pay out of pocket insurance costs for the two children that are living with me. If my husband didn't have to pay child support we could afford insurance through his work. My children need me and it's not fair because I could end up in jail for not having the money to pay child support. I'm a college student and I could also get dropped out of college for back child support my youngest is two and if I work half the money would go to day care and the other half to child support how are we suppose to survive? Do what's best for the children because my husband's 10 year old is fine her mom married a marine they got money they don't need the child support to go towards their bills all the time when we need it to survive. My 6 year old is also fine her father used to pay me 400 dollars for child support and when I lost custody that 400 dollars he could keep for himself she is healthy and she is also on her dad's insurance she doesn't need the money she has everything she needs and wants. If father's can get I pods and I pads with their own paycheck why should we pay them money if our children in our own household is suffering insurance, food, and clothes my other 2 children;s father's don't pay and I'm tired of hunting them down they quit their jobs all the time once they start noticing that the child support is being deducted from their checks and then my husband taxes are still being deducted for his 10 year old who is spoiled and gets government assistance. I feel that parents shouldn't pay all it does is cost tax payers more money and are license also gets suspended if we get to far behind how are we suppose to get to work? The system needs to change and if the parent does pay child support they should automatically get some sort of visitation.

  • Betsy Tirado I think you should also add to your petition that child support payments be qualified for tax exemptions as they are to be used for dependents, and currently are taxed for the payer and not the payee

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