UNE needs to provide its students with better health insurance coverage

I am very dissatisfied with the health insurance that UNE provides for its students because it has very poor prescription coverage.  There are many students at UNE who need good prescription coverage because they take medication on a regular basis. 


The UNE student health insurance, Aetna Chickering, will only cover $1,200 towards prescription coverage per year.  Once you reach this amount, then you have to pay for your prescriptions out of pocket.  Without any prescription coverage, the medications can end up costing a LOT of money, especially the ones for which there are no generics available.  Unfortunately, since we already have insurance (even though we are underinsured), we cannot qualify for many prescription assistance programs. 


Students should be able to focus on classes rather than worrying about how they are going to pay for their medication.   


This petition is asking UNE to switch to a different health insurance plan that provides students with better prescription coverage.  If you are dissatisfied with UNE's student health insurance, please sign this petition and list your feedback in the comments section. 


Thanks for your input and participation to help make some positive change!


Ashley DeAngelo



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    rory guilmartin, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I think not only is the medication coverage by aetna insurance company poor but also service in general
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    Ashley DeAngelo, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I've reached the maximum for what the student health insurance will pay for the year for my prescription coverage. Since my prescription coverage ran out, my medications now cost me $230 per month. I have spent over $1,000 out of pocket paying for my prescriptions since my coverage ran out. I did not expect that my prescription coverage was going to run out. Consequently, this change has affected me immensely. Because of the amount of money that I have had to spend on my medication, I am concerned that I will not have enough money to cover my living expenses. This is not something that a graduate student should have to deal with while in school. School is stressful enough. Students should be able to focus on classes rather than worrying trying to find out how I am going to make ends meet.
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    Andrew Capone-Newton, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I'm a MSW student. In class, we talk about definitions of health, and to be healthy we need resources. The insurance plan at present is unacceptable. If I did not secure MaineCare before the beginning of school I could not have attended school because of the requirement of health coverage. I can get my meds free from the companies without insurance. With insurance, it is more difficult, and UNE's prescription would only cover a few months of meds- my retail med cost is over $1,000 per month. Please, we need better health insurance for UNE students.
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