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Through the last semester, or possibly a previous semester, we have all come in contact with a class taught by Tom Eggert. Whether it was his class focused on the environment, or his class on the social side of sustainability, we have all come to appreciate Tom's ability to bring real world issues in front of us, and to give us the chance to question our everyday actions and the affect those actions can have on our world. He has also left us with the optimism that our generation needs to face the reality of our current environmental and societal issues, and to know that as we graduate and come into the workforce, it is us that will have the power to influence our employers to do something about these issues. This is not exactly a petition, but it is more an area for current and past students of Tom's to discuss the relevance and importance of his classes, and to address how his class has personally affected each of you. This site will then be sent to Loren Kuzuhara, a faculty associate of the School of Business, and then hopefully sent around the School of Business faculty. The aim of this site is to show the immense impact Tom's classes have had on his students, and to show that adding these classes to the Business School's undergraduate curriculum would not only be welcomed by a large student interest, but also add to Madison's ability to be on the forefront of current world issues. All I am asking of you, as students of Toms, is to add your name to this list if you believe that his class is one that other students could really benefit from taking, and should be added to the undergraduate curriculum. Along with your name, please leave some impact that the class has had on you personally. Hopefully all of our stories combined will be enough to engage the faculty to take a more serious look at enhancing their students' education by adding Tom's classes. Thank you all. Kristina Wilson


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    Molly North, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Tom's class was the most influential class I enrolled in at the UW. The classroom atmosphere he creates breeds questions and learning, unlike any other class.
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    Rachel Bicshel, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I thought that Tom's classes were by far the most helpful lifelong learning experiences of my entire college career. Not only does he incorporate real life experiences through projects with outside agencies, but he also gives students a basis on which to keep learning for a lifetime. Tom keeps himself up to date on all issues, shares current books and subject knowledge and encourages the highest level of commitment to education. I have personally continued to be inspired daily by my memories of these classes, and have developed sustainable practices through my personal life (from recycling to paying attention to what I purchase) and my professional life (becoming LEED certified and promoting green practices through each construction project I oversee). Please. Keep Tom around. He is an invaluable asset to the University and the Business School would be foolish not to rejoice at the chance to claim him as their own.
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    Elizabeth Keller, United States

    7 years ago Comments: This is an amazing class. Eye-opening. Knowledge that every business grad needs upon entering into the workforce. Companies are looking for it.
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