Unban SaiXiamaru!

Date Monday August 3, 2009 " Due to the fact that Ntreev USA representatives have already warned against violations to our Terms of Use agreement on our website and in our games in the past, access to the â��michael9241â�� account will not be granted. Thank you for respecting our position on this matter" I got ban again for being in a room and hacking but I was really in the restroom and was leeching when I got ban. Now in the forums of grand chase leeching falls under swapping etc cant I receive that punishment instead of getting blamed for the hacking that the other person did I really didn’t do that intentionally I really didn't I was a victim of peer pressure! Were only human shouldn't I get another chance The letter on top is what I got after I waited and got my hopes up for 30 days. Due to the fact that my first ban was for "swapping" but I did not get presented with the evidence as where a friend of mine got this. "The IGN: â��xxxâ�� Account Name: xxx Account xxx has been witnessed exchanging (Swapping) kills with the account â��xxxâ�� (tehfreekilla) and the characters on the â��xxxâ�� account. The win/loss record as well as associated (IP, account creation information, account sharing) information is static on both accounts: In-game â��swappingâ�� witnessed by Ntreev USA associates Win/loss ratios vs. same characters/accounts First and Last Names (As well as other information) IP/Location Address Access Locations". I came across to the Grand Chase Forums and saw something that came to my attention. I know now that Leeching is considered as illegal and falls under swapping etc. When I got ban I was in a room with a hacker but I was in the restroom leeching! I honestly did leech because when I came back I had kagie telling me to enjoy my ban. If leeching falls under swapping that means this is my second offense and not until the 4 I believe that I can forever be ban. [August 5, 2009] If I didn't get ban the first time and this happen I could have had my account by now instead I didn't get shown my evidence and was force to accept the penalties if I were to get my account back. Why is it that I couldn’t get this same result and prove that I was actually swapping Aren't we all supposed to be equal Why am I being denied of my rights while others get what they want. Help me get my account back maybe this petition might up my chances to get my account back. Please every vote counts and this might help me get my account back.




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    Neko325, United States

    5 years ago Comments: UNBANNAGE please ~barbie
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    LordBabou, Canada

    5 years ago Comments: ...good luck
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    Roy G, United States

    5 years ago Comments: give him another chance peer pressure does happen to all of us just some weaker than others were not all perfect thats why we get more than one chance....
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