30 minutes is not worth 365 days

Due to popular demand, it was asked to change the language of the petition.


The purpose of this petition is to raise awareness about the (un)appropriateness of one of the OSCE cases. One of the arguments is that we were tested on things we were not formally taught in class. If an individual knew the correct answer, it would likely be due to community pharmacy experience. Other arguments can be brought to the creator of the petition.


In support of two of our classmates, this petition will be submitted to either Mr Louizos or the Dean's Office only if there is a general agreement to do so.


Hopefully this attenuated blurb will attract more signatures.


Disclaimer: The creator of this petition would like to remain anonymous amongst us. Whether this is the right or wrong thing to do is still unknown. This views expressed in this petition do not necessarily reflect those of its creator.



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    ivana anusic, Canada

    5 years ago Comments: I studies very hard for those cases and i did not feel that i was tested on the material which was emphasized in class. every stem said FIND THE PHARMACOTHERAPEUTIC PROBLEM or something along those lines. one of the cases, and we all know which one that was, didn't even have a PROBLEM of any kind. it was just on a good (general) recommendation which can be applied to ANY case, that we would have passed the case. i know we all study like crazy and you cannot tell me that i can rock clinical, do great there, but when i get to the OSCE and don't recommend calcium and vitamin D that i have no idea what that condition is about. everyone is our class is smart and works hard and no one deserves to be held back over 30 minutes, where they may have been able to do well, but may have just been so rattled after one of the cases that they messed up the next ones. WE SHOULD ALL GRADUATE 2011. thanx :)
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    Thanh Nguyen, Canada

    5 years ago Comments: -
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    Jing Wang, Canada

    5 years ago Comments: -
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