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We draw your attention to Lyme disease, or borreliosis, which is increasing in incidence dramatically across Europe and the USA.Lyme disease is a real and present danger for those working or recreating in woods, parklands or even their own back gardens. We ask that the government acts now to increase public awareness of this tick-borne infection, that better diagnostic tests are designed, that specialised treatment is developed to help the many thousands suffering from the chronic effects and that the disease be made notifiable. Every year tens of thousands of European and UK citizens contract Lyme disease and because of the difficulties with awareness and testing, many go undiagnosed and untreated. Those who receive late or inadequate treatment become partially or completely disabled, with a high cost to themselves and to society. In some cases the disease can be fatal. It is far better to tackle this problem before it gets worse; in some areas it has already reached epidemic proportions. Resources must therefore be devoted as soon as possible to improve diagnosis, treatment and public safety.

Specific demands of the petition

1: That Lyme borreliosis be made a notifiable disease, so that the true incidence becomes apparent.

2: That better methods are actively explored, to test for and diagnose both acute and chronic infections.

3: That doctors are trained in the treatment of borreliosis and other tick-borne diseases. Given the number of patients who may now be infected, we ask that special clinics are established where the diverse range of the effects of the disease can be acknowledged and treated.

4: That treatment is extended for as long as necessary, and to include the use of high dose, combination or long-term antibiotics, especially in those patients who have been ill for a long time. Even in those patients who appear to have recovered, a 5-year follow-up would be advisable to monitor the condition.

5: That medical schools and practising physicians be made aware of the research and latest knowledge in diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease, as well as the other emerging infectious diseases carried by arthropods which may cause co-infections in patients with borreliosis.

6. That all government agencies for the Environment, Health, Sport and Tourism use their resources to make the general public in the UK aware of the potential risks from tick bites.

For background information to understand how we desperately need to get across the serious aspects of this disease, please see the web site at
the web site for UK

and the Facebook pages

Worldwide Lyme Protest

You may wish to collect signatures and post them to the address shown below* You may download a printable copyfrom thisaddress: You may not be able to sign the petition from the same IP address as someone else. This is in order to prevent spammers. If there are any problems, please write to * UK LYme Petition, c/o 27, Morven Court, Aberdeen, AB11 8TW or e mail the sponsor Denise Longman

The best doctors who know most about the clinical difficulties are
For the US and Canadian over view of the situation please visit places such as, There issupport and info at and the UK's friendly yahoo group is EuroLyme at where over 2,300 members exchange help and info.


Denise Longman



  • Nina Maggs The number of people with this disease is growing dramatically - why does the world still ignore it? Hard-working individuals are made to become disabled, live in never-ending pain and, in more and more cases, die from a disease that is tested via inaccurate methods, handled by doctors who have either little knowledge or deny Lyme exists in the UK, and inaccurate treatment with no cure.

    These actions will increase disability payments, reduce revenue, create children born with this disease and cause people to DIE. How much further can the world fall before this disease is recognised?

    The rash only occurs in 40-60% of cases - PROVEN
    The memory of the tick can only be made in 40-50% of people due to the anaesthesia in tick saliva - PROVEN.
    The 2 tier ELISA is only 40% accurate - PROVEN.
    2-4 weeks of antibiotics will only treat if caught early and a rash/bite can be seen - PROVEN
    Chronic Lyme for those who have lived months/years with it does exist - PROVEN
    The world is ignoring this disease, ignoring the need for a cure and people are dying from it - PROVEN

    How much longer can this go on? How many more will have to suffer and die?

  • Lucy and Guy Whetton Doctors everywhere - open your eyes! Don't bow down to the official lies about Lyme. Lyme doctors everywhere thanks for putting your jobs on the line to help save us. Lyme deniers, wake up! Believe us and help! Lyme crusaders everywhere thankyou! Don't give up the fight! One day people won't have to suffer like this any more. Spread the word!

  • Cathy Hanstock The NHS need to update their limited knowledge of this disease and educate their Consultants, doctors and nurses to recognise and treat this debilitating illness.

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