Bring back death penalty in the UK

Prison is too good for murderers, they should be sentenced to death and suffer just like their victims and the families of those who are murdered.i am not just talking a lethal injection they should be subjected to a long and painful death. some prisons are like holiday camps they get t.v.,snooker tables, etc. Please we need to convince the british parliment to bring back the death penalty so that we can bring justice to victims and their families. put yourselves in there shoes and sign up!P.S. the suspected murder should have a 5 year apeal time in which they can try to prove that they are innoccent and police should be 100% positive that they are the murderers in which case there must be enough evidence. we don\'t want innocent people getting killed!also if the death penalty is brought back the amount of murders will decrease people wont murder if they know they are going to die a painful death!!!!



  • james right hartley bring it back to many people get away with evil crimes against humanity.

  • Derek Bolan There needs to be a proper deterant for these people who murder and that means "A life for a life"

  • Pauline Bradshaw Capital punishment is necessary for murderers. The justice in the UK is disgusting. It does not make sense at all. We should not be keeping murderers alive in luxury.

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