UConn Police Conduct & Policy Change

I am creating this petition with the high hope of possibly enacting some change within our university community. The hightened prescence of police and their increasingly unnecessary conduct has become painfully obvious over the past few years. UConn has done a great job in ascending the ranks to become one of the top public universities in the nation with the help of programs such as UConn 2000 & 21st Century UConn. However, with our growing prestige the university and police force find it fit that as students we should suffer the consequences on the weekends and this is simply a ridiculous notion. Just because our school is more prominent nationally does not mean that the students should be bullied every weekend at virtually every social gathering by the boys in blue. As students are all painfully aware Storrs offers no nightlife whatsoever but up until recently we were able as students to go out, have a good time, meet new people and maybe have a few drinks. It


UConn students who are sick of being mistreated and disrespected by the UConn police force.


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    Elizabeth S., United States

    8 years ago Comments: I have been a UConn student for the past 3 years. I think the UConn cops are great. I have never had anything to complain about other than a few parking tickets. I think the problem at UConn is the students that think just because they are away from mommy and daddy that they can just go crazy, get drunk, fight and carry on like a bunch of kids. I have been to a variety of parties on and off campus and when the cops ended the parties they were cool. No swearing, spraying pepper spray or anything like that. Maybe if people left when asked the first time and didnt stay around after being told to leave there wouldnt be a problem. I support the UConn cops !!!
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    Concerned Parent, United States

    8 years ago Comments: You claim the UConn Police are disrespectful, abusive, brutal, harassing, sarcastic, use obscenities and cross the line often. I checked their site on the internet and it shows only 14 complaints were logged against the department last year, why do not more people complain Sixteen complaints hardly seems like many, especially when 14 of the complaints were exonerated, unfounded or not sustained That looks like pretty good stats to me, I will check other University Police Depts to compare.
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    Jack London, United States

    8 years ago State: ME
    Country: US
    Comments: Hi, I go to UMO and we have cops here, they wear baseball caps, do not carry guns and pretty much let us do what we want. We love it, spring weekend should be moved up here, except that we still have 2 ft of snow on the ground!!!
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