Remove Wyldchild as Competition Director of CoD!

Are you tired of the way the TWL community is controlled Tired of teams leaving to other leagues because things never get done Well, there is only one solution. Wyldchild needs to be removed from her position as Competition Directors of the Call of Duty Series at TWL. She doesn\'t even play the game, and has a direct impact on decisions that directly affect the community. Something must be done before it is too late. All of the lower-level admins have no decision making power, and are prohibited from posting their opinions in the forums. Please sign this petition, every signature counts as one step towards a better Call of Duty community!


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    #103, Canada

    8 years ago Comments: I know what I'm talking about you half-witt, you need to fucking grow up. You act like you know it all Cougar, but you don't know shit! Your a waste of oxygen that knows nothing even if you bluffed it off as CM and you act as much adult as the rest of your lame worthless cohorts here. The best thing you could do is stay away from TWL and play with your homies at CAL. (They cater to kids) LOL, talk about abusing power, you were the king of abuse then you were CM imo, I can remember when you lost to a no name team at the time on TWL , you got your ass kicked and you abused your power so much that the match never took place.The other team had all the proof and displayed it at their website and you had nothing. That team beat you fair and square and your feelings got hurt and you stripped that team of the win. Talk about abusing power cougar, you know all about that stuff, don't you big boy. I said that as a joke because your one big loser......and the rest of you in this thread..are even bigger losers! I would watch my step cougar because i have seen how you fucked people for your own teams gain....that is abuse at its worst!
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    azimov, United States

    8 years ago Comments: I
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    down withtwl, United States

    8 years ago
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