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This is the $0 pledge. I believe in voting with my wallet. I do not believe in paying for TV channels that I have no intention of watching, and I don't appreciate the harm that the bundling system does to marginalized content producers. I may not have the power of choosing channels today, but I have the power to cut the cord. As such, I do not currently pay for any TV subscription, and I will not do so again until the day that I can choose each and every channel that I would like to watch. On that day, my money will be supporting programming that interests me, not programming that content providers force on me by bundling. Until then, pay TV companies will receive $0 from me.



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    Rashmi Ahya, United States

    3 years ago Comments: I go sick of he news that all day long talking about lies about the world politics to poison people's mind and to jusify wars.I cut off cables and no more.Comcast and ohers kept rasing pricing and accounting fraud and I kept calling and it cost money and my ime.I cancel AT&T land line as their accountting fraud as every month my bills are different and I had made no changes.So I cut off with AT&T and so I have only cell phone but I sill need Internet provider and again there is none here but AT&T...hanks to our Politicians that allows AT&T to make us their slaves.Is this free enerprize?
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    William Davis, Canada

    3 years ago Comments: I am poised to do the same thing. I am sick of the treatment from these Broadcast&communications companies who couldn't care less what the customer wants and continues to rape my bank account monthly with the CRTC's blessing for the "Privilege" of their service. The same opinion on their other services.
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    Chris G, United States

    3 years ago Comments: -
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