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This is a request to Dorna chief Carmelo Ezpeleta by UK MotoGP fans to either switch the 2014 TV rights back to the BBC or to allow Eurosport to show delayed full coverage. In a recent online poll, 90% of UK MotoGP fans said they thought that the new 2014 BT deal was a terrible idea. The general consensus online is that most fans will not sign up to BT which will cut viewing figures severely. Effectively killing MotoGP in the UK. Give us back our motorcycle grand prix sport on TV.

The request / suggestion for payment AFTER you have signed is just that; a REQUEST / SUGGESTION ONLY and is for the website that hosts the petition only.

We have a problem with mainstream UK media ignoring requests to let UK race fans know about this please email every website, magazine and paper that you can think of.

There is a Facebook page concerning this issue: Please come and join our efforts.


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  • R Hand fucking load of wankers

  • Joely cullum Oh well that's the death of the gp in this country, out of site out of mind!
    Unfortunately it will die of death like it did back in the 90's when world super bikes were all the rage!
    Such a shame! Thanks BT! Just as it was getting its popularity!

  • Emma day Absolutely ridiculous idea and I will be gutted that I can't watch it.....Sundays won't be the same but I refuse to sign up with BT just for that!

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    21 hours ago Comments: Rip off Britain strikes racing is not aired enough in u k. It's my only passion. Get rid of boring cricket and make room for a man's sport
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    Kyle Blockley, Singapore

    21 hours ago Comments: Didn't even realise BT had the rights til i searched the BBC for the coverage of Qatar. Then I found it on BT - missed the race but they had something they called highlights! I would rather call it MISSLIGHTS as they seemed to miss all the action in their highlights.' OK so they got the start of the race, then all of a sudden it jumped forward a dozen laps or so to show a battle with Lorenzo and Rossi and the Ducati's only to be cut to a number of laps later and where had Lorenzo gone.??? The reports on the BBC said the fight between rossi and the ducatis was great but did BT show any of it - hell no!! They showed no such thing and all of a suddent the race was over. Shocking editing and they have non idea what makes a bike race interesting! Indeed the death of MotoGP in the UK.
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    Bridget Ross, United Kingdom

    22 hours ago Comments: I used to watch MOTO GP with my late dad, this is absolute torture for me, :( very very sad that its so difficult to watch and I don't want to pay anymore than I do, considering "name me a another sport not shown on BBC"???? you cant because its only MOTO GP. bring it back to BBC
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